Devon Brigade


This film was made to honour the memory of 2nd Lt Paul. F. W. Studholme of the Devonshire Regiment, and to mark the 100th anniversary of his death.


Paul was the PDH singer James Studholme’s Great Uncle. The song was inspired by the letters Paul sent home from the front and from what James knows of his young life to that point. Paul was killed in the 3rd Battle of Ypres, better known as Pashendaele, on the 4th October 1917.  He was found on the Gueluvelt Plateau completely intact but with the life literally blown out of him by an enormous shell blast.


This film, features Rafe Studholme playing his Great Great Uncle, and shows Paul on his last few days of leave before rejoining his unit for the final time.  Paul was only 19 when he was killed, the same age Rafe is now.  They both shared a strikingly similar upbringing in Devon, the backdrop for this beautiful film.

It was directed and filmed by Rafe’s 21 year old brother Arthur Studholme.


The penknife and binoculars featured in the film were Paul’s.  He had a deep love for his home county and Dartmoor in particular.  He really did plant trees on his last day of leave before leaving for France.  The fields and woods used as locations are the very ones he would have known intimately.  The filming took place over 2 weeks in late July 2017.


The film was edited by Sam Sneade best known for his work with Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast & Birth)and graded by Oisin O’Driscoll at The Mill.